Mike Murtagh

Mike was born in Swansea in 1953.  He has lived and worked in many locations both in the UK and overseas.  He currently lives in Lincoln and works from home. He works in a variety of media, ranging from detailed pencil drawings to oil paintings. Mike is currently working on a series of painting projects which reflect his passion for music./p>


Mike has pursued his love of figurative painting and drawing since childhood, specialising in figures and portraits.  He has exhibited his work in London, as well as in local galleries and competitions and he has won several prizes.  These have included The Derwent Prize at the Society of Amateur Artists Annual Exhibition in London, The Armed Forces Art Society Prize at its Annual Exhibition and, in 2012, the Great Art Prize at The Armed Forces Art Society Exhibition at the Mall Galleries.  In 1992, he also worked for Oscar-winning Production Designer, Luciana Arrighi, on a set design for the John Schlesinger film of Ian McEwan's novel, ‘The Innocent’.