John Afflick

John has developed his own unique and realistic style built on the foundations of sound craftsmanship. He is a member of the Armed Forces Art Society and in 2013,was a regional finalist in the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year.

John’s art is inspired by the 'Bigger Questions', his paintings frequently possess a hidden narrative and often  a recurring angelic theme that attempt to answer these. 

“I use a very traditional method of painting which is systematically constructed from start to finish and is reminiscent in practice to the Great Master painters.” On a handmade toned gesso ground, John draws the image in ink which is then heightened by egg tempera white and finished with glazes made with a hand purified sun thickened oil. “It’s very exclusive and while time consuming; this process allows me to control every aspect of the painting’s creation.”

John's ten foot alter frontal on permanent display in 'The Church Of The Holy Innocents' Hammersmith, has been much acclaimed and is a testament to his artistic ability.