Jenny started painting with pleasure when she was 5 at a far-sighted school, making Nature Note Books. There was a gap while lacrosse and other interests took over, and she was only brought back to the brush after an illness and enforced convalescence at the age of 19, when she decided to paint; and has not stopped since, though the brush took 
a different form in the shape of a sharpened industrial diamond, with which to stipple-engrave images on glass. This was detailed work where a portrait measuring 2 inches square could take up to 30 hours to complete. This latter period lasted 25 years, and only came to an end when Jenny studied Garden Design at Sparsholt College. A day 
on watercolour changed the course of her life and she found an excellent tutor in Gordon Rushmer. The idea was to enable her to illustrate her gardening ideas, which worked fine for a while. Gradually the painting took precedence, 
and a chance meeting with Anthea Stilwell brought about 
the next major change of direction (and smiles from ear to ear). Anthea has opened doors that have made possible the curiously large steps from the detail of stipple engraving and scale drawing of garden designs to the free and energetic watercolours executed on A1 paper with a 3” brush.  And now oils and acrylics have joined the fun.  It has been a journey of excitement and sometimes lunacy, never ever dull, and always challenging. A favourite comment is that we should be out of our comfort zones in all the lessons. We are.

Jenny is one of ‘Just Four Contemporary Artists’ who work and exhibit together.  This collaboration brings additional energy and inspiration to all four, in addition to being enormous fun.  Exhibitions of this group have been in Cork Street; The Affordable Art Fair, Bristol; and at the Brighton Art Fair.  2016 will bring exhibitions at The Late November Gallery, Haverfordwest, The Tabernacle, Notting Hill, and Jardinique, Hampshire.

In addition Jenny has recently exhibited at The Art Hangar, St James, London;  Changing Perspectives - Wessex GoLD, the Link Gallery, Winchester; The Mall Galleries with AFAS; Driftwood Contemporary Gallery, Padstow;  Gabriel Fine Art Gallery, London; The Stilwell Art Group, Chichester; and was a founder member of the Hampshire Artists Co-Operative.