Anthony Hopkinson

A long time painter, I took up printmaking about 14 years ago. Printing is now my main artistic activity. 

I started with screenprinting. The relatively recent development of water-based inks for screenprinting has made it a form of printmaking which can be carried out cheaply, simply and safely at home using non-toxic, waterbased inks. 


I tend to use only a small number of colours, often just a basic blue, red and yellow. My colours are transparent so a wide range of hues can be produced by printing one colour on top of another, varying the strength of each colour.



I usually produce editions of 10 to 20. As the screen or plate is re-inked for each print in the edition there will be slight variations. (There may be in addition up to two more “Artist’s Proofs” in the edition, usually kept as gifts for family and friends.)