Victoria Wolny

Colour can influence, create, provoke, fascinate and stimulate in a myriad of ways. There is a science behind colour and a philosophy circulating around that science. It was while I was studying (Biological Sciences with outside options in BioChemistry and Philosophy) at Warwick that I became increasingly interested in the use of colour; not just as a medium with which to paint but also how colour can directly stimulate the viewer. Over the years I have developed my own particular style and techniques involving the manipulation of oil paint particularly on large canvases.

To date, I have held several solo and joint exhibitions, been on radio and even had my artwork used to launch an international hair salon brand. Recently referred to as 'an emerging super star artist', it was my father, a prolific artist himself, who introduced me to oils before I could write my name.

For me contemporary art is selfless. Instead of being preoccupied with a particular standpoint, it is a mirror and a platform enabling the viewer to see themselves and the world from a new perspective.