Freddy Paske

After being awarded a Major Art Scholarship at school, Freddy went on to study Art History before commissioning into The Light Dragoons in 2009. Never without a sketchbook, Freddy continued to draw and paint throughout his time with the Army. His military career saw him serving on operations in Afghanistan and Bosnia which provided a constant stream of inspiration and subject matter. It was following a sell-out exhibition in London on return from Helmand Province that Freddy decided to pursue his talent as a full time career.


Freddy’s unique style has developed out of necessity; never having enough time in one place. By using bold and expressive marks and a masterful use of negative space, he conjures up suggestions of detail and movement.


Having been shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the Year 2016, Freddy has won numerous awards including the AAS Serving Artist Award in 2013 and 2015.